Cosmetic surgery for Calf area

A. Calf enhancement: There are people who have a disproportion in the size and shape of the leg (area below knee and above ankle) as compared to the thighs or the rest of the body. Others may want further enhancement for personal reasons. Still others suffer from ‘bow-legs’ and seek procedures to make the legs look less bowed. Rarely, thin calf may be due to neurological conditions like polio.

Calf can be enlarged by usin

g silicone implants or by fat injections or by a combination. Selective liposculpting can also be done to reshape the area. The silicone implants are soft solid elastomers already shaped like calf muscle. These are inserted via a horizontal incision in the natural skin fold on the back of the knee. One or two implants are used per side.Recovery:

Soreness and stiffness may be felt for a week or a bit longer.

Women patients are encouraged to wear high heals which help to relax the muscle and reduce the tension in the area till the tissues accommodate the new implant. Men may wear inserts inside their shoes to achieve the same purpose. Oral medications are sufficient to control pain. Light activities can begin at 3 weeks and sport at 6 weeks.

B. Calf / leg reduction: Thick ankles and straight tree trunk like legs can be a source of frustration and distress. Exercises and diet do not solve this problem. Advanced liposuction techniques can permanently re-shape this area to reveal beautiful proportionate legs. A word of caution is required here. The leg has many nerves and veins. The fat is present in tight spaces especially in the lower half and may be difficult to extract. The skin also is stretched tight around the bones and tendons. Blood supply of the skin is also a critical factor. Dimples and depressions can easily be produced. For all these reasons, this procedure must be done only by experts; time and extreme care are required to produce good results safely