Blepharoplasty in Dubai (Eyelid Lift)

JCI Accredited Plastic Surgery Hospital for Blepharoplasty in Dubai. It is a procedure designed to improve the aesthetics of the eyelids. Eyelids tend to become loose with time, fatty bags may develop beneath the eyelid skin and there may be wrinkles below the eye. Eyelid ageing is a very obvious marker of facial ageing and hence correction is frequently requested. It is best to discuss the upper and lower lids separately.

Upper lid blepharoplasty:

This corrects the hooding of the lid by removal of excess skin, removal of the bags of fat from the inner side and tightening the muscle. It is simple and straightforward.

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty:

This aims to remove protruding bags of fat, remove excess skin and muscle and also resuspend the lower eyelid from the orbital bone if that is needed. It is a more complex procedure and has a longer recovery period. Simpler cases without skin excess can be treated from inside by transconjuntival technique. More advanced cases need skin removal, so an external curt just below the eyelashes is appropriate. There is a lot of variation in technique but basic elements are: removal of a strip of muscle, lifting of muscle, removal of protruding fat bags or relocation of the fat across the orbit rim, lifting and re-suspension of the lid on the outer side by suspension stitch and finally removal of appropriate strip of excess skin.

Post operative swelling may last 7-10 days, stitches are removed at 5-7 days. Tehre may also be redness inside the eyelids which resolve always.

Eye makeup may be used following suture removal and healing of the incisions. Be sure to use freshly opened products to avoid infections.

Contact lenses can be worn when comfortable and sutures have been removed-usually 7-10 days.

Complications of Blepharoplasty: One frequently observed issue with lower lid surgery is called scleral show, this happens due to temporary weakness of the lid closing muscle, fibrous tissue formation and pull and also due to gravity pull during the healing phase. Fortunately this resolves with massage and waiting.

Other procedures

Your surgeon may prefer to inject Botulinum toxin to reduce the tone of muscles, this is done at least a week before surgery. The eyebrows can also be lifted through the upper eyelid incision. Sometimes the mid-face can be lifted from the lower lid incision. More complex procedures may also be done using these accesses.