Face and Neck Lift in Dubai

Face and Neck Lift – Skin of the face and neck lose elasticity as one ages. The face also loses fat from the upper part and fat increases in the lower half. The clean sharp jawline of youth changes to irregular contour with jowl formation. Skin folds and wrinkles appear. The quality of skin also changes. A youthful oval face shape changes to square or pentagon.

A face-neck lift is a surgery designed to lift sagging tissues and t

ighten them while also removing some excess skin. The incision is placed in front of the ear and goes around the earlobe to the back, extending into the hairline. The skin is lifted and the next deeper layer called SMAS is defined. This layer may be lifted as a separate layer or may be tightened or otherwise modified. Work done on the SMAS tightens the face and neck. The excess skin is taken away and the incisions closed. The full face-neck lift is needed if ageing changes are extensive in face and neck. Variants include the mini lift, short scar lift and others. Procedure choice depends on your needs and must be discussed with your surgeon. Due to the three dimensional nature of ageing changes, others procedures such as fat grafting for volume and skin peels/laser for skin surface rejuvenation may also be done at the same time.

Often other facial procedures are performed at the same time including forehead lift, eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), chin and cheek implants, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), liposculpture, neck sling etc.

Modern face-lift

At the American Academy, we practice the most modern versions of face lift. All ancillary procedures are available. For the most advanced rejuvenation we can also offer stem cells injections using the patient’s own cells derived from their fat.

Who is a candidate?

  • Men and women with jowl formation (the lower cheeks and jaw line are saggy).
  • Men and women with a poorly defined jaw line and loose skin
  • Men and women with wrinkled saggy and fatty neck.

Intended results

  • A sharper and better defined jaw line.
  • Improved neck and chin angle.
  • Less tired look with more youthful appearance.

What a face-lift does not treat?

  • The lines above the mouth
  • Deep lines by the side of mouth and nose
  • Skin quality


There may be significant down-time due to bruising and swelling. Individual response varies. You must keep at least 2 weeks for swelling to decrease, so it is best not to have social engagements. A compression garment may be worn around the lower face and neck for approximately one week.

Stiffness in the neck and some soreness with swallowing and eating is common in the first few days. One must sleep keeping the head straight and slightly elevated, only a slim pillow may be used.

Sutures and staples are removed within two weeks.

Drains, if used are usually removed 1-3 days after the procedure.
Make-up can be applied over the skin from the next day but not over the incisions for 2-3 weeks.