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Diabetes, Thyroid Function


AACSH integrates medical knowledge and extensive care to treat diabetes and other endocrine-related disorders, having one of the best diabetes specialists in Dubai

 At AACSH our Endocrinologists and Diabetes specialists use advanced technology and innovative equipment, which add to the long-term commitment to patient care. The team renders comprehensive care and non-invasive diagnostic services to all the patients. The Department offers expert consultation, counseling, diagnosing the various problems early, and treating them with great skill and experience.


Our Department of Endocrinology offers the following range of services:


Disorders of glucose-insulin metabolism and body weight;

Disorders of blood pressure & lipids metabolism

Disorders of bone metabolism & parathyroid glands

Disorders of thyroid

Disorders of nutrition

Disorders of hypophysis, adrenals, ovary, and testis glands

Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity & insulin resistance, also in pregnancy

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, acne, hirsutism, altered menses and erectile dysfunction

Thyroid goiter, nodules and thyroiditis

Hyper-Hypo-thyroidism also in pregnancy


Vitamin D and Calcium abnormalities

Hyper-Hypo-parathyroidism Pituitary, Adrenals and Gonads Disorders

Idiopathic and hormonal hypertension