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Dr. Sameh Hany

Doctor – General Aesthetic Medicine

UK Board Certified

Dr. Sameh Hany is an Aesthetic Medicine Doctor with clinical practicing experience of 20 years in Egypt, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. With a focus on wellbeing, aesthetic medicine, regenerative medicine, rejuvenation, antiaging, and with advanced studies and degrees from many reputed medical schools worldwide.

He dedicates his science, knowledge, and experience in the fields of wellbeing & antiaging and on both the scopes of aesthetic medicine and general health.

Dr. Sameh believes that the advances in medicine and science shall not only treat patients but shall improve our general health and performance, our shapes, our aging processes, leading to improve the quality of lifestyle that we live.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Aesthetic & Cosmetic Medicine:
    • Face: Rejuvenation, Antiaging full treatment, Treatment of Wrinkles, fine lines and scars, Stem cell therapy, & Growth Factors
    • Neck: Rejuvenation, Treatment of wrinkles, scars, Antiaging therapy, Stem Cell therapy & Growth Factors
    • Hair: Male and Female Hair rejuvenation, Treatment of Hair Fall, stem cell therapy, PRP therapy, Medical Treatment of hair problems, & Growth factors
    • Hands: Hands Rejuvenation, volume restore, Stem Cell Therapy, PRP& Growth Factors
  • Wellbeing:
    • General Health: Supportive treatment for general health & wellbeing, stem cells therapy, Vitamins Balance according to age, gender, health condition, and lifestyle
    • Supportive Therapy for Physical or Mental stress
    • Immunity Booster therapy
    • Antiaging therapy
  • Chronic Supportive therapy:
    • Supportive therapy for Diabetic patients type1 & type 2
    • Supportive therapy for patients with Osteoarthritis, joints & Bone problems
    • Supportive therapy for patients undergoing rehabilitation programs
    • General health-supportive therapy for patients with multiple chronic conditions
    • Supportive therapy for smokers

Years of experience: More than 20 years

Languages spoke: Arabic & English