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The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital (AACSH) offers a variety of educational programs during which medical professionals can network, exchange ideas, further their medical knowledge and improve skills. Each year, the AACSH hosts in-depth instructional programs that address the current issues, concerns and educational needs of cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and anti-aging specialists, dentists and medical professionals practicing in all the various fields of medicine, thereby enabling practitioners to continue providing the highest level of quality medical and dental care.

Leading specialists in various fields join efforts with regulatory and legislative bodies locally and internationally to present the most current information that can be of benefit to the practitioners working in this part of the world. Medical professionals attending these programs also earn continuing medical education credits (CME credits).




Scientific Meetings and World Congresses

In its world-class education center, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital hosts world congress events, professional training, and medical workshops. In its 100 seats lecture hall, and adjoining fully equipped, state-of-the-art operating theatre, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery hospital educational unit provides a limited group of participants the opportunity to observe the latest surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and anti-aging techniques in a live setting. Special attention is being given to the general public as well, where exclusive health awareness educational functions are being offered to the general public every year.