Porcelain Veneers & Lumineers

VeneersTo restore chipped teeth, fill gaps or mask discoloration, consider porcelain veneers. Our dentists can improve the quality of your smile in just a few dental visits by placing veneers for lasting effects.

Veneers are thin laminates, often made of porcelain for stronger results, which are molded and cemented to the tooth for an exact fit. If you are not a candidate for whitening treatment or are looking for an alternative to crowns, speak with a dental specialist about porcelain veneers. Our dentists will help you find the best color, fit and shape of veneer for your teeth, and can ensure quality, long term results.

Veneers can restore:

  • Stains or discoloration of teeth caused by age, caffeine or tobacco
  • Worn-down or chipped teeth
  • Unwanted gaps and spaces between teeth
  • Damage due to injury or root canal procedure

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