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Pregnancy is the start of an incredible journey into your body and soul. But after 9 months this unique trip comes to an end and every woman have to face her body changes and to be back to reality.

Love, dedication and patience are keys to losing weight and looking like your pre-baby self again. Before giving you my professional advices, I just want to remind you that PREVENTION is the biggest help, starting from the food and exercising. All pregnant women usually need more proteins, vitamins and minerals (such as folic acid and iron) and more calories for energy. Dieting during pregnancy could be harmful for you and your baby; you have to gain the appropriate amount of weight in order to have a healthy pregnancy. P.S. – and always remember: Eating better doesn’t mean eating for two!

And here are the top advices from your plastic surgeon:


Don’t worry, I don’t mean going back to the gym for a couple of hours daily (old memories since you became moms) but you have to perform physical activity and to move: go out with your beautiful baby and the stroller for a long walk, let’s say at least 2 km daily. You can modify the speed of your walk, alternating higher and lower speed, focusing on your steps, your breathing and your legs and gluteal muscles.


You don’t have to cut your food intake dramatically during the early weeks; you need energy to look after your newborn and calories for breastfeeding. And remember: breastfeeding BURNS calories, such great news right?!


We can fight that together. Every woman needs to feel beautiful and feminine, daily, and for sure during pregnancy that was not your priority. Although no injective treatments are advised during pregnancy or breastfeeding, a plastic surgeon can give you some much needed tips about your body and skin care how to keep it glowing, shiny and beautiful. A face roller is what one needs to take good care of their skin.


Every mother experiences swollen legs, ankles or aching and heavy legs and back. It is also common to develop varicose veins: Lymphatic drainage therapy is the solution for all these diseases. A good lymphatic drainage massage done by an experienced therapist can optimize your lymphatic system, removing metabolic wastes, fluid collection, toxins and you will feel lighter, powerful and younger.


Your body (mainly your belly and breasts) has been stressed and stretched for a period of 9 months. Can you imagine?! Pregnancy stretch marks or “striae gravidarum” are small depressions on the surface of your skin, lines or streaks. According to a plastic surgery clinic in Boston, They tend to be pinkish or red on white skin or lighter than the surrounding skin on black skin-type. Topical creams, Mesotherapy local injections, lymphatic drainage massage and laser sessions can considerably improve the overall quality of your skin and reduce the thickness of the stretch marks and their appearance. You can also go to these guys here to get a second opinion on your skin treatment.


We can focus those machines to melt down your stubborn fat deposits and to completely reshape your body. Non-invasive. No downtime.


In local+sedation anesthesia, we can suction out your extra fat and we can also transfer it into other parts of your body to contour it! This is a minimally invasive treatment.

Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

The solution to extra belly fat and skin and to fix the muscle relaxation due to the pregnancy and delivery. Abdominopalsty is an invasive procedure but is the best surgical solution to be back to a flat, stretched and fit upper and lower abdomen. Some people get  body tightening and lifting treatment from Touch Up Laser, reduces the fat and makes skin look younger.

Breast lift/reduction

Surgical procedure to permanently reduce, lift, reshape your breast tissue after breast feeding.