• American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital issues warning of the damage caused by keratin – popular in straightening and defrizzing hair salon treatments
  • AACSH Executive Chairperson, Dr. Jeehan Abdul Qadir: “Keratin is a harmful product causing hair loss”

United Arab Emirates, June 16th, 2015 – The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital has issued a warning on the potential damaging effects of keratin – commonly used in beauty salons during popular straightening and smoothing hair treatments,

Keratin is a substance naturally found in hair, created by the body during biological processes, and cannot be derived from any external products to nourish hair. However, the chemically-synthetic Keratin – found in many salon products and treatments for dry and frizzy hair – contains mostly animal waste products and the hair-smoothing compound formaldehyde which causes hair damage and hair-loss in the long term. Experts have eve warned that formaldehyde used for temporary hair straightening may pose a risk to the respiratory system and damage hair layers later on.

Formaldehyde is sold by suppliers under deceptive names such as methylene glycol, methanol, oxymethylene, methylene oxide, and timonacic acid, which have previously been banned by health authorities in the USA and Brazil as they cause hair loss. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) states that Keratin leads to lung cancer and respiratory diseases, particularly among salon workers.

Dr. Jeehan Abdul Qadir added, “The 73rd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology held in San Francisco, USA in March has issued an official warning on the dangers of Keratin on hair. The accompanying medical committee stated that Keratin is a harmful product causing hair loss – whatever its type.”

Dr. Jeehan Abdul Qadir comments on lack of consumer knowledge on the dangers of Kertain: “Many women looking for healthier hair are tempted by internet advertisements and unrealistic claims of Keratin treatment but I cannot stress enough the importance of avoiding such substances for their many side effects as above, and re-treating damaged hair through Ketox – the natural removal of keratin and re-nourishment of the hair in order to revive it to obtain a healthy and natural look.”

After extensive studies and experiments, Dr. Jeehan and her team of experts the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital have found a way to naturally extract keratin from hair in order to treat hair damage. This treatment is called Ketox – a combination of medical components containing antioxidants and three types of natural oils to treat damaged layers of hair. The substance is applied to the hair and then the hair is placed in a Ketox Device, which produces light waves and steam in a special environment to help expel the Irritant acids from the hair as much as possible. The treatment requires a number of sessions, each taking about 20-25 minutes and the hair needs 6-12 sessions – depending on the extent of the damage. This treatment has no side effects as it contains natural and tested substances.